CIRCLE admin page won’t load

Maybe port 443 is closed. Check it and if it’s closed, open it.

Some services aren’t functioning while running a second CIRCLE in a CIRCLE VM

In this case the CIRCLE service agent could interfere with the RabbitMQ service. CIRCLE agent is not required for the newly installed CIRCLE. You should remove it with one of the following commads:

If you have upstart:

sudo rm -f /etc/init/agent.conf

Or if you have systemd:

sudo rm -f /etc/systemd/system/agent.service

Home page of a node or a VM shows “No Data” instead of graphs

Check if your hostname file contains fully qualified domain name instead of short host name:

sudo nano /etc/hostname

If you see something similar to, edit it so that only the part before the first period remains (e.g. cloud). Then set the host name accordingly:

sudo hostname -F /etc/hostname

Then restart the monitor-client service. On Red Hat or Debian:

sudo systemctl restart monitor-client.service

On Ubuntu 14.04:

sudo service monitor-client restart